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Vision Mission and Values
Corporate Objectives
Management Structure
Quality Objectives

Saravand Consultant Engineers provides technical and creative solutions in Architectural and Urban Planning and Design fields, based on empowerment and co-operation to achieve sustainable development.



Saravand is committed to customer and end users’ satisfaction. To accomplish this goal the following objectives have been identified and placed at the forefront of our activities :

1. Proactive, integrated and effective planning.
2. Sustainable Designs.
3. Application of best available technology.
4. Research and Development.

To realize these objectives, the management has proposed the following resources:

1. Obtaining the latest knowledge and expertise in the field of related activities.
2. Employment and development of competent and capable human resources loyal to organization’s goals and objectives.
3. Promotion of Organizational Culture through trust, commitment and the recognition of capabilities and contributions.
4. Application of the latest soft and hard technologies.
5. Close relationship with customers and users, and co-operation with them by planning the process, identifying the problems and delivering effective  and lasting solutions.