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Architectural Services:

In performing our Architectural Services, Saravand’s aims at comprehensive research, study, understanding and combination of worthwhile traditions from Iranian architectural heritage together with the experiences of other cultures to create attractive, well designed and enduring structures that enjoy time-honored as well as modern techniques, styles and elements.

In the Architectural Division, the following services are provided:

  1. Designing Residential Buildings and Complexes;
  2. Designing Commercial and Administrational Complexes;
  3. Designing Industrial Units and Complexes.

These activities are divided into three areas and delivered as follows:

  • Initial Planning and Design Stage comprising:

Preliminary study and research; schematic spatial diagrams; site placement; preliminary plans and sketches; Perspectives and color visuals.

First Phase:

  • Complementary studies; Physical planning; Drawings and Sketches; cross sections and elevations.
  • General Framework of the structure; Framework for Mechanical and Electrical Installations; Initial estimation of budget and time.


Second Phase:

  • Executable final Drawings; Detailed Structural Specifications; Final estimations.
  • Structural Drawings; Structural Details and Calculations; foundation and steel framework.
  • Final drawings and specifications for Mechanical and Electrical Installations and Fixtures and Fitments.


Third Phase:

  • Resource Organization;
  • Project Management;
  • Supervision and Administration of the project to completion and hand-over.