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Urban Development

Geographical Studies and Spatial Planning:

Performing studies and regional planning (urban and rural); structural development planning; studies on improving tourism and tourism industry; production of rural master plans for nomadic community improvement; habitation site and land utility allocation; promotion of handcraft industries; application of geographic information systems, both statistical and remote assessment (satellite studies), in various economical, social, cultural and anthropological studies.


Strategic Detailed Urban Development Plans:

Performing studies and planning activities and, production of detailed urban development plans; master plans; study and planning for historic town and cities; solutions for dealing with hazardous and nuisance causing industries and businesses; plans to protect town and cities against accidents and natural disasters like fire, earthquake and floods; improving visual qualities of town and cities.


Urban Renovation and Regeneration Plans;

Performing studies and preparing plans for improving deteriorated urban and rural structures and solutions for restoring land illegally occupied; performing investigation, planning, feasibility studies and production of strategic plans, improvement, restructuring, renovation, restoration and empowerment of deteriorated special areas e.g. urban and illegally occupied residential sites.


Urban Design:

Performing studies, investigation and planning, preparing framework and conceptual designs at city and town levels and, deciding about how urban elements and strategic plans and policies impact urban spaces; production of manual for urban planning; planning new cities and towns; re-planning existing urban structures such as city centres, squares, shopping areas, pedestrian areas and green spaces.

Research and Analysis Projects:

Performing exploratory studies comprising gathering data and classification and analysis of information; discovering solutions, opportunities and constraints; modelling; forming hypotheses; substantiating assumptions and theories; scripting scenarios and solutions; proposing best options and solutions.


Economic Studies:

Providing consultation services; research and operational assistance relative to investments; identification of investment opportunities; investigation and appraisal of related markets; technical and financial feasibility studies; designing and planning the investment process; finding site and, preparation of simulation models for projects.


Feasibility Studies:

Studies to determine the likelihood of realising projects’ objectives from economic and technical stand point; investigating co-relation of proposed plans with approved up-line plans and current urban development procedures; characteristics of the land from physical and topographical view points; built and natural environmental infrastructure and physical characteristics; investigating economic and financial aspects of the plan; evaluation of relevant markets; estimation of budgets like construction costs; determination of taxes, levies and duties; forecasting income, return on investment and capital investment appraisal calculations e.g. ARR, IRR, NPV.

Impact Studies.

Considering the impact of projects in their immediate environment and, investigating effects such as the consequences and outcomes of future activities like traffic or need for parking space; impact on roads and pedestrians; access; population shift or concentration; urban services and amenities; community security; public health and safety; pollution; job opportunities; business opportunities; leisure and sports; social and cultural needs; training and education and impact on land, building and business premises prices.