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Saravand’s Objectives and Competitive Advantage:

Our collaboration with a vast spectrum of governmental, public and private organizations has afforded us valuable experience relative to discovery of effective solutions for a variety of sectors that are responsible for national development and construction projects. Respect and attention to nationwide progress as well as development, together with safeguarding the satisfaction of our users, are the basis of our strategic values. As a result, we benefit from lasting recognition and confidence from our clients, past and present.


20 years long experience in the design and planning of urban development, architecture, feasibility studies and the participation of users in the development of such plans and programmes over the course of more that 80 realised projects, constitute our most valuable assets. Such projects encompass a comprehensive range of research and strategic planning, right through to development and implementation, adding considerable strength to our theoretical and operational capability.


These activities straddle the country from the south: the Persian Gulf, the Sea of Oman, Baluchestan, Abadan, Ahvaz, Mahshahr; to the north: the Caspian region, Mazandaran, Gogan; the west: Kermanshah, Hamadan and Kurdistan; right through to the Centre in: Isphahan, Qom and Tehran, providing substantial insights and knowledge regarding the geographic, social, and economic aspects of Iran.


Saravand believes in the value of its personnel as the leading essence, and the vital force in the success of the organization. Therefore, Saravand involves its personnel in the planning and implementation of strategic programmes and key decisions for the development of its organisation. On this basis Saravand follows a dynamic and systematic programme of applying and developing its resources efficiently through effective participation.

The integration of these complementary approaches is transformed into a superior range of benefits and advantages that are transferred to our clients:

• Discovery of possibilities and constraints.
• Preparation of clear goals and strategies.
• Realistic ideas, plans and programmes.
• Satisfactory return on investment.

• Research and Development.
• Comprehensive evaluation of risks and benefits.
• Effective planning and programmes.
• Sustainability.
• Discovery of best operational and implementation strategies.
• Effective Project Management.