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Vision Mission and Values
Corporate Objectives
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Mission Statement

•Saravand is an Urban Development organisation in the service of realising sustainable development based on empowerment and active participation.
•Saravand is also an architectural organization in the service of creating functional and appealing spaces for living and work, based on innovative and contemporary approach as well as preserving and advancing traditional values.


Vision Statement

To continue developing Saravand as model Urban Development and Architectural organization comprised of proactive strategic capabilities and proficient resources at the service of producing cultural, social and economical values.
To continue developing Saravand as a creative and learning organization.
To maintain and promote Saravand as an organization based on safeguarding professional ethics and values.
To maintain and promote Saravand as an accountable organization.

Saravand’s Guiding Values

• We are committed to sustainable development.
• We are dedicated to creating social, economical and scientific values.
• We build our organisation on learning, co-operation, consultation and new technology.
• We nurture an organisational culture based on exchange of values with both our internal and external users.
• We value and support Creativity and innovation.
• We invest in Quality.
• We believe in accountability.
• We conduct our organisation transparently.

"Helping to Create a Better Future"